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Music Review Service $25

Soundcheck Social provides aspiring artists with an opportunity to follow proper avenues for their music and videos to be heard and seen. Submit your songs & music videos to be heard and reviewed by music industry professionals and gain the possibility to perform on a stage of a higher level.

  • Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis
  • More Social media exposure
  • Guide to Success in the Music Industry

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Meet Azarelle

Meet Azarelle

Azarelle is a recording artist signed with Demo Entertainment Group in Miami, Florida. Originally from New Jersey, Azarelle grew up taking ballet, dance, singing, and acting lessons. Her passion for music blossomed and she began writing melodies and lyrics by the time she was a teenager. In 2009, Azarelle worked with a member of Darkchildā€™s Production, D.Clax. These recording sessions led her current manager, Prescott, to recognize her talent and potential as a future superstar.

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