Hiatus Road

Ask any true gut-level artist if they could stop painting and they would tell you that the pictures they paint never started on the canvas. You can take away the brushes but when the art comes from inside, the visions in their head never end. That’s the dilemma Hiatus Road front man, Christian, faced when his former band, unable to persevere thru adversity, went on hiatus … permanently. That end left Christian wondering if he had it in him to start from scratch and begin the journey all over again. Like the artist who paints because he has to, the lyrics and the melodies kept coming and he eventually stopped fighting his own nature and quietly began writing again.

What originally began as a creative outlet, soon took on a life of its own and after recording a few well received demos, it was clear that Hiatus Road was deemed to have a full sound. Both Rob and Jason had been in several bands before finding their place with Hiatus Road. This is a band born out of a simple desire to make good music with meaningful lyrics and a shared belief that real success can never be measured on billboard charts or bank accounts. For HIATUS ROAD, being successful has more to do with how you see yourself at the end of the day and the effect you have on the people around you. By refusing to play follow the leader just to become the next top 40 copycat band, HIATUS ROAD has remained true to the music they love. The result is a sound that is distinctively their own and lyrics that remind us that real music can only come from real life.


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