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Our Services and How It Work:

Soundcheck Social's unique services provide every aspiring artist on the site with an opportunity to more avenues for their music and videos to be heard, seen, to hear a professional opinion and the possibility to perform on a higher level stage. We have music professionals to help and promote you in virtually every genre.


Soundcheck Social will always be open to accept your music & videos!

After receiving your music or video, we will listen and/or view your video to see if it is up to standard to be featured on the site and for you to be invited to perform in one of Soundcheck Social shows for more exposure.

You also have the option to get a professional critique from today’s music industry professionals for a service fee of $49.95, which is comprised of in every genre of music:

Hip-Hop, Latin, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Country, Gospel, R&B, etc.

Soundcheck Social will send you a comprehensive 3-part Analysis from music industry professionals in your genre, which includes:

»   Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis,

»   Tips on How to Improve Your Songwriting,

»   Guide to Success in the Music Industry

»   You can ask us 2 questions about the music industry and we’ll answer them no problem

SCS is here to offer guidance and a customized approach to improving your musical talent and music business knowledge.

Give yourself the opportunity that you’ve been waiting for

Send us your music/video today and give yourself another avenue to reaching your dream of making it in the Music Industry. Our Service Includes:

»More Social media exposure

»More shows

»   A customized Song Review Analysis from some of the most talented musicians and successful music industry professionals in the business.

»   No membership fee

»   Knowledge of the Music Industry

»   The opportunity to launch your songwriting and/or performing career

»   A Quick Response



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