• Genre: Alternative

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Lush, cinematic pop orchestrations combined with simple, heartfelt lyrics delivered by a passionate and honest voice are the core of Australian singer, songwriter and producer BROADHURST. With a diversity of sound ranging from stripped back emotive piano and haunting vocals to precision electronica and soaring synths lead to stylistic comparisons to the smooth tones or Rhye, subtlety of Hundred Waters or Emma-Louise and electronic funk of Daft Punk.

A tenacious and complicated character, Nick Broadhurst is many things, with a constant global vision juxtaposing against a forensic commitment to simplicity. A film producer. A founding member of Sneaky Sound System. A saxophonist for Flight Facilities. A meditation advocate, a visual artist, songwriter, entrepreneur and a performer. But among all these things, the simple heart of BROADHURST is creativity through music.

His first single, “Little Lover”, has attracted devoted followers from all over the world. Coupled with its mesmerizing debut music video, BROADHURST in a short time has landed squarely in the industry with highlights from MTV Likes Video of the Week and 1M plays on Spotify.

With a live show in development for later in 2016 under an artisan dome, and the upcoming launch of The Broadhurst Global Music Prize aimed at redefining how music is distributed, plus his latest release and music video ‘Take Me Down’, the journey of BROADHURST has just begun.