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Skate (Nate Maloley) has always had a passion for sports and hip hop music.  He grew up loving all sports and kept himself busy participating in any sporting activity he could, while still exploring hip hop music. Legit on the court, Skate went on to play basketball in college for a year, but as the year went on his focus and passion began to turn towards his music.

Born in Omaha Nebraska, family has always been a big part of his Lebanese heritage.  Skate's siblings (Kaylan & Stewart), along with his mother and father (Kami & Monte) have all been big supporters of his goals and efforts.   

During the summer of 2014 Skate had the opportunity to create some great music for a rapidly growing fan base. He then began working and creating songs with Sammy Wilk, a close high school friend. In August of 2014 Skate was asked to travel with the "Jack & Jack Digitour" to perform several of his and Sammy's new songs.  From there, his fans began to write the rest of his beginning.  As Skate's movement continues forward the more music he writes and publishes the stronger his passion for making music becomes.

Music is now Skate's life and he is pouring his heart and soul into it.  Skate has released 4 songs on iTunes; "Nothin to a King," "Signs" featuring a close friend Ty Alaxandar, "Party People" and the Jack & Jack track "Like That," featuring Skate.  More music here on the featured "Music" page.

Skate Maloley